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In more than 30 years as a medical claims management service, ProMediClaim, Inc., has developed a nationwide reputation for providing high quality services.

Myrna L. Cortez, owner of ProMediClaim, Inc., has a Masters Degree in Human Resources from Loyola University. She has over 30 years experience working with insurance benefits and medical claims resolution.

  • Myrna understands all sides of the medical claims process because she has worked extensively with patients, hospitals, physicians and adminstrators, and with corporations and their employees.
  • Myrna offers personal service, working individually with insured persons and their families and with health care providers.
  • Myrna is a member of the Alliance of Claims Assistance Professionals (ACAP).
  • Myrna contributed to a news segment that aired on over 100 local television stations. The feature, produced by NewsProNet Interactive in June of 2005, highlights the indispensable services that claims assistance professionals (CAPs) perform for their clients. The segment illustrates how CAPs maximize medical insurance reimbursements while minimizing client's stress.

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