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We Will . . .

  • Take the hassle and headache out of filing your medical claims.
  • Analyze your medical insurance coverage.

We Will . . .

  • Review and ensure accuracy of hospital, nursing home and other medical bills.
  • Make sure you pay only for services you received.
  • Obtain refunds.
  • Negotiate discounts.
  • Investigate and resolve collection notices.
  • Appeal denied claims.
  • Contact health care providers to get the information needed to file your claims quickly and efficiently.
  • Make the phone calls, do the paperwork, and follow up until you get your maximum reimbursement.

We Will . . .

  • Provide services by phone, mail, or email: You mail us your medical bills and related paperwork.
  • Provide personal consultation at your convenience.
  • Act as your medical claims advocate.

How can we help YOU?

If you are the insured person:

  • ProMediClaim frees you from the paperwork, the phone calls (and all the time wasted while you’re on hold), and all the other headaches involved in claims resolution.

If you are a member of the insured’s family:

  • ProMediClaim removes the frustrations of trying to manage the claims process, and gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing it’s been done right.

If you are a provider:

  • ProMediClaim educates your clients on how the system works and helps ensure that you get paid promptly and correctly.

If you are an attorney or an estate/trust officer:

  • ProMediClaim acts as your behind-the-scenes benefits consultant, helping resolve difficult and involved medical claims issues for your clients.

If you are a business owner or corporation:

  • ProMediClaim becomes your employee benefits consultant, efficiently managing your employees’ questions and concerns so they can concentrate on what you hired them for; their work for you.

For Hassle-free Medical Claim Filing & Resolution, email or call us.
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